• Gredo Antica Dimora

    Via Ariberti, 54028 Villafranca in Lunigiana MS, Italy .

    Structure située dans le petit hameau de filet où il est possible de passer la nuit dans l'un des lieux caractéristiques de notre Lunigiana

  • La Divin Corte

    Piazza Roma, 1, 54021 Bagnone MS, Italy .

    Ancienne maison d'appartements de vacances dans le centre historique des Apennins toscans-émiliens

  • Castello Malaspina

    Via Papiriana, 2, 54035 Fosdinovo MS, Italy .

    12th century castle with cozy B&B rooms & a museum featuring modern art by the artists in residence.

  • Castello del Piagnaro

    Via Piagnaro, 54027 Pontremoli MS .

    The Piagnaro Castle dominates the town of Pontremoli from above. Its position is not accidental, but strategic and far-sighted, located at the point where the Via di Monte Bardone went up towards the Cisa Pass. From its walls it is possible to enjoy the entire view of the town and the confluence of the two rivers that flow placidly under it: the Verde stream and the Magra river.